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Don’t over think it, lets get positivity back in your life.

Did you know that an estimated 70,000 thoughts run through a persons mind per day?? What type of thoughts are you filling your mind with… Positive or Negative? When your mind is filled with positive thoughts you help boost your mood and generate more happiness in your life as well as other around you. Positive thinking also has great health benefits such as increasing your life span, reducing depression, better…

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Food Lifestyle Positive Motivation

How to make healthy choices while dining out

The nice weather is finally here!!!!!!! This is my favorite time of year,  the sun is shining, days are longer and everything is in full swing. It is also when I look forward to going out for a beautiful dinner on the water and kicking back.  Living my healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy a good dinner or dessert.   I follow the 80/20 rule, which means that 80%…

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