Foods that help heal your digestive system


Are you eating foods that are promoting a healthy digestive system?

Having a healthy gut is important for your overall health.  Healing your gut helps your body maintain a strong immune system, as well as promotes good bacteria which tells our body that we feel good.

Make sure that you are incorporating some of the follow gut healthy foods in your diet.

Jerusalem Artichokes – are high an insoluble fiber called Inulin.
Bananas – Contain potassium and magnesium which may help reduce inflammation.
Cruciferous Vegetables– contain glucosinolates which help to reduce inflammation and may help reduce the risk of certain cancers.
Blueberries – high antioxidants that may help strengthen our memory, improve our immune system and enhance our microbiota
Beans – strengthen your intestine cells, help to improve absorption of micronutrients. They contain fiber, protein, folate and b vitamins which help with maintaining a healthy gut.
Fermented Foods: contain healthy bacteria which helps digestion and immunity.

Looking to heal your digestive system?  As your Long Island Health Coach, I will work with you to help heal and maintain a healthy digestive system so you can begin your journey to total body wellness.

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