6 Month Wellness Program

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6 Month Wellness Program

During your program with Season Winter, you will learn healthy positive ways to help achieve your goals set in your wellness journey. Together we will develop a personalized program that is suitable for our health and happiness. We will explore signals your body has been giving you and discover tools to help with your wellness journey that will last a lifetime.

As a Client of Season Winter you will:
– Set your goals and accomplish them in a healthy empowering way
– Work to achieve and maintain a healthy, realistic goal weight.
– Understand and listen to your body and its cravings
– Learn and incorporate new foods and lifestyle changes to support your hormones.
– Improve energy levels
– Implement stress management tools
– Understand the importance of a healthy sleep regimen
– Most important start feeling great in your body!

6 Month Program:
– Two (2) 60 minute sessions via telephone, Skype or in-person (clients located in Nassau/Suffolk County)
– Email and Text support in between sessions
– Healthy recipes
– Coaching & Support to help guide you through making healthy nutritional and lifestyle changes
– Informative handouts that will help you make healthy choices
– My personal commitment to your total body wellness journey.

I am offering you a FREE initial Wellness Consultation, during this consultation we will discuss your health, lifestyle and goals to determine the best way I will be able to support your during your journey.