Positive Task Challenge

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Positive Task Challenge

In case you missed last weeks positive task challenge… here it is again.

Week of Positive Task

Task: Detox Unplug & Talk to People.
Give yourself a break for the evening from digital things, power down your TV, phones, laptops, computers, etc. Try a nice relaxing meditation, reading your favorite book and spend time connecting with your loved ones.

Task: Clean If you haven’t used it or wore it then you don’t need it.
Set out to tackle one junk drawer, shelf, closet, etc that you have been avoiding. Get rid of anything that no longer serves a purpose. Good rule of thumb – if you haven’t used it in a year, get rid of it.

Task: Purge Trash It

Take a couple of minutes during the day to unsubscribe from those unwanted emails, newsletter, etc that are clouding your inbox and mind.

Task: Donate Give a Little
Help someone in need by giving away 3 items that no longer serve you. These can be clothes, kitchen items, blankets, etc. Give these items with a full heart of love and happiness.

Task: Self Care Treat You

Treat yourself to some love, take a nice relaxing bath, do a face mask, exfoliate, read your favorite book. You made it through the week give yourself some relaxation time.

Task: Health Lets Get Cooking
Treat your loved ones to a special healthy meal that you have made from scratch, fill it with lots of love. Enjoy the meal together while catching up.

Task: Energy Pump It
Do something that will help prepare you for the week ahead. Take a 20 minute walk, get some fresh air, reflect on the positive from the week prior and set your goals for the week ahead. Get yourself energized.