I often hear people say, “next Monday I am starting my diet” or “after the holidays I am getting back on track.” Usually this is followed up by the latest “fad diet” or “crash diet”, some new shake or meal plan that claims to help you “drop 30 lbs. in 30 days”

I know all too well it can feel overwhelming or like you need to take these drastic changes to get back on track, but you don’t have! Taking small realistic steps can help ensure that your changes stick, and you are able to reach your goals without added stress on yourself or your body.
Here are some simple ways that I use to help myself get back on track when I have those times of “falling off.”
First, pick your day. What day are you going to commit to starting? Today? Tomorrow? Next week? Whatever it is make it stick, write it down, mark it on your calendar, schedule it on your phone, stick a post-it on your bathroom mirror. Whatever you have to do but that day commit to it…. its concrete!
Got your day…. Great let’s start with 5 simple ways to start

1) Meal Planning & Prepping:
Spend time deciding what you want for the week , make sure to take into account whether you will be on the go or if you have plans to eat out and what types of food you will want to eat. Write out which meals will be for what days during that week. Hit the supermarket to food shop, then spend an hour or so getting everything ready. Wash and cut all fruits and veggies, pre-make breakfast, lunch or dinner meals if you can. You can even pack your lunch and snacks for the following day.

2) Track what you are eating:
Pay attention to what you are eating, you would be surprise how we often “think” we don’t eat a lot throughout the day, however it’s very easy to over consume. Choose the best method of tracking for yourself ie: phone apps, journal tracking, etc. (FREE Daily Food Tracker)

3) Stop “banning” foods:
We often think we need to stop eating carbs, caffeine or sugar all at once. When we restrict ourselves from certain things it can often lead to increased cravings. The key is to work on minimizing how much you are consuming at first.

4) Reward yourself, but not with food!
Learn to celebrate all accomplishments no matter how small they may seem. At the end of your week reward yourself with something like a mani/pedi, new book, new outfit, spa treatment or whatever you like to celebrate you!

5) We are all human:
Its OK that we fall off track at some point, but as long as you don’t stay down. We all have times where unhealthy habits can sneak back in, however, recognize it and make that U-Turn to get back on track. Don’t be hard on yourself, look at what may have caused you to fall off and how it could be avoided in the future.

Whether your goals are to lose weight, reduce chronic pain, balance hormones, increase energy or help with anxiety… FOOD FUELS & HEALS OUR BODY. When you become aware of your eating habits, you can begin to see how we can either help or hurt your goals. Grab your FREE Daily Food Tracker here.

“the greatest wealth is health”