Does Endometriosis cause bloating?Does Endometriosis cause bloating?

Bloating or “endo belly” is a very common symptom for many of us Endometriosis fighters.  While there is still so much to learn about endometriosis and its symptoms. Some people believe that bloating may be related to ovarian cysts, fibroids, inflammation, SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), or digestive issues such as constipation or gas.  The degree of bloating can verify for each person, but often causes discomfort, pain, and much more.  So, when asking does endometriosis cause bloating?  My personal answer is … YES!

Endo belly has been a constant sidekick of mine for many years now.  The swelling of my stomach often leads me to look like I am 6 months pregnant.  Unable to wear my normal clothes, including underwear because of how uncomfortable and painful it is.  The loss of appetite because of all the pressure that is building up.  I was diagnosed about 5 years ago with SIBO, which I later learned is common in women diagnosed with endometriosis.  After being treated I thought that would be the end of the bloating, bye-bye endo belly.  Boy, was I wrong…nope it was back. 

So I set out to find something that might be able to help a little with the bloating.

Peppermint or Ginger Tea – Peppermint has properties that can help relax the gut which may reduce bloating.  Ginger has great anti-inflammatory benefits which can help with bloating.  I love adding a little lemon and raw local honey to my tea.

Heat – as an endometriosis warrior you learn to love your heating pad. Sometimes just using the heating pad during a belly flare-up brings comfort and makes you feel a little better.  I also add a castor oil pack.

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Nutrition – This is a big one for me,  not only because I am an Endometritios Nutrition Coach, but because I learned firsthand how nutrition can affect my own body.  Finding out what foods may be a trigger for you is key. Then work on adding foods that support your body.

Herbs – as someone who loves holistic healing, herbal remedies are something I love using! Herbal remedies have some amazing benefits such as lower side effects than prescription medications, helping save money, self-healing, empowering, and improving overall health.   Here are some of the favorites I have in my cabinet.   Gut Health Oil, Good Night Lotion, Digest-Support, Digest Ease, and Cocoa Calm.

Yoga, stretching, abdominal massages –  These are great because they promote movement.  Choose to start at a place where you are comfortable.

Wishing you health & happiness. 

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