Ugh if your anything like me, then you have experienced the dreaded “Endo Belly”…. you know when you are so bloating that your pants all of a sudden no longer fit, there is nothing in your closet that could possible hide your belly that feels like it is growing bigger and bigger.  People wonder if they should congratulate you… but your response “nope just good old Endo Belly.”  Over time I have learned some helpful tips for bloating…. so lets check them out!

Watch that Salt!
I know I am sure that there are certain times that you crave a nice, salty bag of chips… but too much salt = water retention.  Avoid processed or packaged food since they are usually loaded with extra sodium. When cooking instead of reaching for the salt, add some fresh herbs to your dishes.

Meditate, Breathe, Meditate
Stress = Hormone Imbalance.  We all know that stress causes havoc on our bodies, finding healthy ways to deal with stress is key for balancing your hormones.  Trying different things such as an Epsom salt bath, meditation, physical activity, spending time with your loved one, reading your favorite book may help reduce those stressful times.

Water, Water, Water
I know it sounds crazy, even I wasn’t too happy about this one.  How could I possible drink more water, when I felt like my body was about to float away in the ocean from being so bloated. However, water helps flush out toxins and excess salt in our bodies. So even when it feels like you can’t possible fit anymore, keep hydrating.

What’s your Trigger
Watch out for food sensitivity…. what are your food triggers? Food sensitivity = inflammation. Inflammation may cause us to hold onto more water. So make sure you are eating foods that are healthy for your body and avoid those trigger foods.

Where’s the Potassium?
Potassium helps balance sodium, so its important to keep things balanced. Some of my favorite foods that are a great source of potassium … bananas, spinach, apricots, melons and beans.

Keep things moving, moving, moving
Constipation = bloating. I know, I know no ones favorite subject. But healthy bowel movements are important, it helps get rid of all the waste are body doesn’t need.  Keeping hydrated, consuming enough fiber and physical activity is a great way to stay on track with your bowel movements.

Get a Glow while flowing
Dry brushing is a great way to help get rid of toxins and keep things moving. Added bonus it leaves your skin looking amazing and its a great self care routine to add.  Never done dry brushing, Mind Body Green has awesome step by step instructions, check it out.

Its Tea Time
I love a nice warm cup of tea, especially if it has great benefits. Some of my favorite teas during an endo belly moment are ginger tea, dandelion tea, peppermint tea and green tea.

Have you own helpful tip for bloating??  We would love to hear them. Please feel free to share, as women we are in this together so lets help support one another.

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