Endometriosis Fitness Coach

What is a Endometriosis Fitness Coach?
Well, it is a Certified Personal Trainer.

Ok so why call it a “Endometriosis Fitness Coach” then? As a Fitness Coach, I am more than just a personal trainer.  I work on coaching my clients to help them reach their goals in all aspects of life, not just fitness. Together we work to at achieving whole body balance, through nutrition, stress management, fitness and lifestyle changes.

Why should someone work with a Fitness Coach?
As a fitness coach my goal is to help you identify the “why”.  So many times, we pick a goal but do not have the motivation or the “why” to achieve it.  Together we set goals that are realistic, especially when dealing with Endometriosis this is important.  Anyone can exercise, but our they doing them correctly?  I teach my clients how to perform the correct exercises without causing injury to ourselves.  Motivation! We all need motivation and support, that is what I will be.

Who can work with a Fitness Coach?
As long as you are ready and willing to take on the responsibility of change. Have realistic goals, open to constructive criticism. Promise to be honest with yourself and your coach.  Make a solid effect to stay on track.  Most importantly, promise to love yourself through all the good & bad days!

How can a fitness Endometriosis Fitness Coach help me?

First we will look at your goals.  Once we have set realistic goals, we will work together to see exactly where you are starting from. Don’t worry we’ll start slow and gradual increase over time.  Build a program that you are able to do on your own time as well.  Show you the correct way to perform the exercises, number of reps and sets as well. If you are looking to hire an endometriosis coach please call me for a free consultation.