Living with Endometriosis has often sent me on the search for products that could not only help but were clean & non-toxic. I love shopping so I thought I would put together some of my favorite products that I have been adding to my life since being diagnosed with Endometriosis. 
I love learning and hearing about your favorite products too, so if you have one please share it in an email! I promise I will check it out 


Earthley Castor Oil 

Earthley Castor Oil is one of my new favorite products.  Castor Oil has been known to have great benefits. Just to name a few:
– reduce inflammation
– may help with cramps, joint paint
– liver detox
Read about my experience & what I learned How Castor Oil may help with Endometriosis Pain. 

Check out more about Earthley Castor Oil below. 

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Who doesn’t love candles, I mean they just make you feel so warm and cozy.  I discovered Sea Love Candles and fell inlove.  Their candles are scented coconut & soy wax candles with natural cotton wicks.
-Free of paraffin wax
– Free of palm wax
– Free from dyes
They smell amazing and are exactly what candles should be.

Check out their amazing candle selection below and don’t forget to use code “SEASONWINTER10” for a discount

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good night lotion

Magnesium performs over 300 essential functions in our body. It can help promote restful sleep, relieve occassional constipation, leg & musle cramps, headaches and more. 

Learn more about the Benefits of Magnesium and Women’s Health

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Magic Muscle Ease

This is one of my must haves in the cabinet.  Magic Muscle Ease is great for muscle cramps, I even use it when I have lower back pain. Its natural ingredients are infused with Arnica, as well as herbs and essential oils to help with pain. 

It comes in unscented, mint and citrus 

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My livia 

My Livia something that I have recently added to my  Endometriosis wellness routine.  It basically clips onto your waist, pocket or belt, place the gel pads in the areas where you feel pain, then turn it on. You can adjust the level as needed.   I love that its so compact that no one knows I am wearing it.  

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