What is a Health & Wellness Coach?

A Health & Wellness Coach works with individuals to help achieve your goals through individualized food & lifestyle changes.

Coaching is more than just telling you what to eat, I work hard to provide you with information, perspective, tools and strategies to understand more about your food behavior and choices. Helping you to understand that your choices are not about the food but often about how you feel or how you are living. It’s also knowing when you may need a push because you are becoming comfortable or when you need a small break because you are pushing too hard.  It is looking at your life as a whole, understanding what your body needs as well as how your lifestyle can influence these changes.

As a Women’s Health & Wellness Coach, all clients are treated with compassion and respect. I focus on your potential and strengths as we continue to progress. I work hard to help you achieve your goals, by paying attention and taking time to get to know you.  Helping you  to break down complex tasks and goals into smaller realistic steps that are achievable. During our sessions, I will monitor and measure your progress to make sure that you are kept in optimal “growth zone”.  Always challenging you a little more.

Everyone is different, your needs and wants, your lifestyle, personality and the reason you have decided to make changes.  My programs are based on YOU as the individual, not a cookie cutter program designed for everyone to use.

Questions ….. head over to the FAQ page or feel free to drop me a line at info@seasonwinter.com

As a Certified Women’s Health & Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer, I am dedicated to helping you achieve your goals!

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