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What is an Endometriosis Health Coach?

As a Certified Health Coach, I work with women to help them feel their best through individualized nutrition coaching, fitness, and lifestyle habits.  My goal is to help you learn what your body needs, I do not focus on the latest “diets” or a specific style of eating. My belief is that we are all different and have unique nutrition needs, it’s not a one-size-fits-all.  I offer private 1:1 Endometriosis Health Coaching sessions, as well as facilitating group sessions.

Who can benefit from an Endometriosis Coach?

Anyone! My services are offered to any woman who is struggling like myself and is committed to a healthier lifestyle.

Why do I need an Endometriosis Health Coach?

Well, the truth is, sometimes we all just need a little help. As women, we become so wrapped in our careers, families, and other responsibilities, we forgot about ourselves.  We push our needs to the side, creating unhealthy habits. Most of the time when we decide we finally want to make some changes, it is just so overwhelming.

How does coaching work?

As an Endometriosis Health Coach, we will work together to build a foundation of nutrient-dense whole foods, that will not only balance but fuel your body.  During our 1:1 coaching session, we focus on which foods may be a trigger, eating habits, stress management, foods that can reduce inflammation, balancing our digestive track, and much more.  More information about coaching sessions here.

My vision is to create a safe space for you to discuss your hope and dreams.  Together we will establish solutions to help you overcome the challenges that you face with endometriosis.  As your Endo Coach, I will offer you support and empowerment to create the life you are meant to lead.

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