Welcome to Season Winter a Long Island Health Coach dedicated to helping women make healthy, sustainable changes in their lives.

As women, often times we find ourselves so busy taking care of others that we forget to care for ourselves.  We become overwhelmed with the daily stressors of our careers, family responsibilities and personal obligations that it often leads us to make unhealthy nutrition choices, have lack of physical activity or find relaxation.  These unhealthy habits can cause us to suffer from imbalances in our bodies and lead to an increase of symptoms.  

Working with Long Island Holistic Health Coach, Season Winter will help you build a healthy lifestyle that aligns with how you want to feel through nutrition changes, lifestyle changes, stress management and environment changes from toxic products.   Learning to listen to your body will give you the tools you need to understand how to balance it. Together we will work on mind, body and spirit, it will be an investment in yourself that will last a lifetime.   

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About Me

I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach, born and raised on beautiful Long Island, New York.

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Gaining a healthy lifestyle means finding balance through nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle changes.

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