How Castor Oil may help with Endometriosis Pain

If you are like me, you have probably heard of Castor Oil Packs. However, not knowing how Castor Oil may help with endometriosis pain I decided to learn a little more.

I have never used Castor Oil before, even after all these years of suffering from Endometriosis pain. So, I was curious to learn what the benefits of a Castor Oil Pack were and if it could be helpful.  

I thought I would share with you what I learned about how Castor Oil may help with endometriosis pain

What is Castor Oil:
Castor oil is a non-volatile fatty oil that is derived from the seeds of the castor bean. Castor oil is considered an age-old remedy that can help can things flow properly. It is absorbed into the skin to break up old tissue and get fluids moving again. Castor oil, applied externally, is one of the safest and most beneficial detoxes supports there is. Many have said that castor oil may help with, inflammation, joint pain, sluggish livers/kidneys, and occasional constipation.

How can it help:
Some studies have found that castor oil contains therapeutic components like fatty acids, flavonoids, phenolic compounds, amino acids, terpenoids, and phytosterols. These components give castor oil the potential health benefits such as Anti-diabetic, Anti-inflammatory, Antimicrobial, Antioxidant, Free radical scavenging, and wound healing.

Who should Avoid Castor Oil:
Women who are pregnant or anyone who has a serious illness/allergy should avoid using castor oil. It is also not recommended to use castor oil during your period. As always, I strongly recommend that you please check with your medical professional before trying anything to new.

What had I used to create my Castor oil pack:

  • Cloth /Flannel – approx. 4×6
  • Earthley Castor Oil – There are two options you can choose from Warm or Cool.   I chose the Warm Castor Oil since I am usually always cold and was looking to reduce inflammation. You can choose whichever best suits your body and its needs 
  • Small piece of Plastic Wrap
  • Heating Pad
  • Old Towel/Sheet to protect any furniture from getting oil on it.

Where I found my products:
I choose to purchase my Castor Oil from Earthley since I am a huge fan of their products and mission. Their Castor Oil is made with 100% organic ingredients, gluten-free, soy-free, corn-free, nut-free, and vegan. It does not contain artificial colors, fragrances, or preservatives. My number 1 favorite … they are Cruelty-Free. Earthly Castor Oil is also infused with different herbs that may help with pain and promote wellness.

My experience.

I decided to try my Castor Oil pack at night before going to bed. First, I applied the castor oil to my cloth and waited for it to absorb. Once my cloth was soaked, I applied it to my lower pelvic area, focusing more on my left side (since that is where I have more pain usually). Then I covered the cloth with a small piece of plastic wrap and a thin towel. I choose to use my heated pelvic pad from Pelvic Pain Solutions. It is a little weighted, so it feels like a hug. Finally, I picked out a show to catch up on and relaxed for about an hour.  

I thought that the castor oil was going to feel thick and wet on my skin, but it didn’t. I felt super relaxed and my skin was so soft afterward. The most shocking thing I noticed,  was the following day I got my period. My cramps weren’t as bad as they usually are, and I didn’t have that crazy bloating I usually get. Now, I do not know if the castor Oil worked that quickly but what I do know is that going forward I am going to continue to do the packs 2-3 per week. Then next month I will be able to see again if I noticed anything different from my period. For me, there is nothing to lose trying something new. Especially if it is promoting relaxation and wellness.

Next month I will give you all an update on my continued use of Castor Oil packs and let you know what I have noticed during this time.  

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