10 Tips for starting your at home workout. 10 Tips for starting your at home workout routine.

Are you ready to feel your best… MIND, BODY and SPIRIT?!?!?


2020 has definitely been the year of challenges, so many things have changed.  As someone who has Endometriosis, I know how important it is to continue exercising.   We need to focus on keeping our Mind, Body and Spirit healthy.  So here are 10 Tips for starting your at home workout routine.

Check out our tips to help you get started:

1: Choose the right activity.
Choose an activity that you enjoy! Whether is jogging, dance cardio, kickboxing, weights, yoga, etc. make sure that its something you enjoy so you won’t get bored easily. Remember listen to your body, endometriosis can be rough on us – be we are stronger.

2: Plan it Out.
Schedule your workout into your day. Plot out the time slot in your calendar, planner, or phone. This will help you commit to fitting your workout in.

3: Clothing
Lay out your workout clothes. Choose clothing that is comfortable for you and makes you feel good.  Try to avoid over-sized clothing which can get in the way as well as not show any progress you have made.

4: Pace yourself
You do not have to go full speed, take your time. Start with lighter weights or 30 mins 2-3 days per week, then slowly increase.  This is a great way to avoid overuse of muscles and burning out to quickly.

5: Find Support
Build a supportive system to motivate you. There is strength in numbers! Sign up for virtual fitness groups, work with a personal trainer or health coach, encourage a family member or friend to join you.

Keep going you can do this!

6: Use what you have.
You don’t need fancy equipment. Make use of what you have… the stairs, walls (pushups), chairs, etc.  Start basic and increase once you have learned the correct form/technique.

7: Invest in the important smaller things.
Instead of investing in special equipment, make sure you have the right equipment.  Invest in indoor sneakers, running sneakers or a yoga mat. These are small investments that can make your workout better.

8: Use your body
Body-weight exercises are an easy way to workout anywhere and are effective. They increase flexibility, balance and full body strength. Try some push ups, pull ups, planks, or squats.

9: Change your mindset
Its not “all or nothing.”  Some days are going to be harder than others, you may not feel your best or may struggle to get through your workout. But remind yourself that even the worst days, contribute to the bigger picture. So do give up if you struggle, just do what you can and try again the next day.

10: Reward yourself.
Celebrate!!! You are doing amazing on working towards your wellness goals.  So take some time to reward yourself.  A new outfit, a bath, spa day, nails, favorite new book or favorite meal, etc.

Are you ready to start your Wellness Journey???

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