15 Tips for Surviving the Holidays!!

Being healthy isn’t just about food, it’s a whole body journey. Stress, not sleeping, lack of exercise and junk food can wreak havoc on our bodies, causing hormonal issues, weight gain, lack of energy and more. With the Holiday Season arriving it seems to be a time of year when we often experience our health goals or routines get pushed off to the side. You don’t have to forget about your goals this year, I am giving 15 tips for surviving the holidays to keep you on track!

1: Stay Active.
Avoid spending a lot of time sitting around. Get up & move around, offer to help in the kitchen or setting up, try rallying everyone for a nice walk after dinner. Also remember to continue to stick with your regular fitness routine.

2: Snack Wisely.
Be mindful of snacking, look for lighter options like fruits, veggies and nuts. Watch out for dips and others snacks that have added calories, have them in small amounts.

3: Portion Control
Check your portion size. It’s super easy these days to over consume calories with portions. A helpful way to stay on track is using hand portions to measure.

4: Practice Mindful Eating.
Be mindful of your eating over these next weeks, how are you feeling? Are you eating because you are hungry, thirsty or stressed? Make sure that you are aware of missing meals or overeating at night time.

5: Don’t Slack on Sleep.
Make sure you are getting your recommended beauty sleep of 7 to 8 hours per day. Sleep gives your body and mind a chance to reset, especially during stressful times. Lack of sleep may also cause you to feel hungry and lead to overeating. Get helpful tips on how to maintain a healthy sleep routine here.

6: Control Stress
Stress causes an increase in cortisol levels, which over time may lead to increase weight gain and an imbalance in hormones. Stress may also cause us to overeat and crave more junk foods. Find healthy outlets for stress like exercising, mediation, yoga and deep breathing.

7: Balance your plate.
Holidays bring more carbs, so make sure you are balancing your plate with healthy option.
Protein sources likes meats, poultry, fish, beans and quinoa may help keep you feeling full. Foods that are high in fiber help keep our digestive track moving, so make sure to have veggies, legumes, nuts, seeds and whole grains.

8: Offer to bring a healthier dish to share with your family & friends.
There’s nothing better than sharing something you enjoy with the people you love, so why not make a healthier version of a dish. It’s also a great way to show how a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean missing out on anything.

9: Limit Sugary Snacks
Avoid overindulging in cookies, cakes & other sweets. Lots of sugar can increase cravings and make your blood sugars unstable. If there is something that you really enjoy then have a small amount or pick that one sweet that you have been waiting for & offer to share with someone.

10: Stay Hydrated.
Make sure that you well hydrated. Dehydrated often causes increased cravings, so keep the water coming. Avoid over consuming beverages that are high in calories like alcohol, soda and juices. Opt for healthy version like flavored seltzer or lower calories alcohol choice.

11: Make it smaller.
Using smaller plates will help keep portions in check. We tend to fill our over-sized plates up with food, so having a smaller plate may help avoid added calories.

12: Plan ahead
Planning ahead keeps you prepared. Use your calendars to plan out parties, fitness time and meal prepping. This can help reduce stress as well.

13: Make small adjustments to recipes such as baking with applesauce instead of butter, add dried fruits instead of candies. For cooking try flavoring dishes with herbs & spices instead of butter, avoid frying and try steaming, baking or grilling foods. Swap out heavy cream for skim milk or replace cream cheese, sour cream and mayo with Greek yogurt.

14: Get a buddy for support.
Having someone who knows and supports your health & wellness goals is a great way to stay on track. This person should be someone you trust and will be your main cheerleader. Need help staying on track, schedule your FREE Wellness Session here.

Enjoy yourself this holiday season, spend time with your family & friends. If you happen to stray from your goals, don’t worry you can get back on track. Love yourself and be happy

Wishing you a Happy & Healthy Holiday!!
Season Winter