3 Exercises for Women with Endometriosis.

3 Exercises for Women with Endometriosis.

Are you suffering from endometriosis? Endometriosis can often cause frequent, pain which leaves you feeling unable to move your body. Throughout my journey as an Endometriosis Health Coach, I have found simple ways to get movement in that don’t cause a flare-up.  In this blog post, I will share with you 3 Exercises for Women with Endometriosis.

Low-Impact Cardio Activities for Endometriosis

Low-impact cardio activities are a great way to get your heart rate elevated and not add stress to your body.  Swimming, brisk walking, and cycling, as well as other forms of non-weight-bearing exercises such as dancing and yoga, are all excellent options for those living with endometriosis. Zumba is another favorite that not only gets your blood pumping but also adds an extra dose of fun. Not only do these activities provide an enjoyable way to stay active, but they may diminish pain levels associated with this condition, making them a great physical therapy tool for endometriosis sufferers.

Yoga Poses That Help Alleviate Symptoms

Yoga has become an increasingly popular way to gain physical, mental, and emotional balance throughout daily life. Practicing specific poses can help alleviate certain symptoms. In particular, Gentle Downward Dog, and Standing Forward Fold may relieve headaches or sore backs due to promoting improved circulation throughout the body. Cobra pose may also help with digestion, reduce bloating and soothe lower back pain. The Child’s pose happens to be one of my favorites, it’s calming for anxiety as it encourages relaxation and grounding within the body’s energy centers. All in all, yoga offers a great way to stay active while promoting overall well-being.

Stretching Routines to Improve Mobility

Making sure you have a regular stretching routine can help with general mobility and reduce the risk of injury.  Stretching consists of mindful movements, such as slow and sustained stretches. Stretching coupled with proper breathing techniques can enhance muscle coordination, posture, flexibility, and strength.  Additionally, consistent stretching can help improve overall balance, coordination, and range of motion.
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As a Long Island Endometriosis Coach, I understand how it affects your daily life.  I have learned how to achieve my goals while struggling with Endometriosis and am here to support you in finding yours.
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