5 Simple things to remember when you start your wellness journey

As an Endometriosis Nutrition Coach and Endo fighter, I know that sometimes this disease can hold us back from reaching our wellness goals.  It can be a horrible cycle of wanting to make changes but our symptoms and flareups get in the way.  I spent many years letting endometriosis control what I thought I couldn’t do, instead of learning how to do it for my body. There are so many “diets” and “fast” out there it can be confusing.   No matter where you are in your journey here are 5 simple things to remember when you start your wellness journey.

5 simple things to remember when you start your wellness journey.

  1. Diets don’t work.  
    Diets that provide excessive calorie restrictions, meals plans, fasting, supplements, or the magic pill just arent realistic.  They are not sustainable for a long period of time, often leaving us feeling more stressed.  Eventually, we fall off the program and go back to our prior nutrition habits. Read more on our FAQ page.
  2. Good Nutrition Habits will last a lifetime. 
    The best way to make healthy changes is to look at your habits.  Learning how nutrition and habits can help you reach your goals will help you sustain the changes longer.  As a nutrition coach, I work with my clients to help them learn what foods fuel their bodies, as well as what is realistic for their lifestyle.
  3. Vegetables are essential
    Vegetables are rich in nutrients and should be a part of your daily meals.  They are vibrant in color, low in calories, and can offer amazing flavor.
  4. Whole foods over Processed Foods
    Choose whole foods over processed foods.  Whole foods are loaded with nutrients you can’t get with processed foods.  Whole foods will help you stick with your goals as well as fuel your body.
  5. Supplements do not replace real food.
    I am not against supplements, in fact, I have my own personalized regimen for my body. Supplements shouldn’t be used in replacement to eating nutrient-dense foods.  You can choose to use supplements to bridge the gap, and ensure that you are getting all the benefits of vitamins and nutrients.  Learn more here about bridging the gap.

Endometriosis doesn’t have to stop you from achieving your wellness goals, start with simple changes.

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