5 Tips to Help Support your loved one with Endometriosis.

5 Tips to Help Support Your Loved One with Endometriosis

As an Endometriosis fighter, I know that there are days when it is super hard.  I also know that our loved ones can often feel hopeless and unsure of ways that they can help us.  Below are some helpful tips you can share with your loved ones.

  1. Offer to go to appointments.  Even if you are waiting outside for them, it is helpful to know that someone is there.
  2. Be a safe place. Allow them to speak about their symptoms/feelings. Really listen to them, focus your attention on them during this time. Most of us spend years trying to get doctors to listen to us.  Endometriosis doesn’t only affect us physically but emotionally too.
  3. Learn about Endometriosis.  There are a lot of resources and support groups available. Take some time to learn What is Endometriosis, what the symptoms are, how it affects us, etc.
  4. Understand their needs. There may be days where getting out of bed is too much. Times when intimacy is painful. We may need our heating pads 24/7. Learn to understand what we are going through and how you might be able to help. Maybe it’s a hug, a warm bath, quiet space.
  5. Encourage them.  Remind us to be an advocate for our health, to speak up. Encourage on the days when we feel down. Share a funny joke or a motivating quote.

I would love to hear How do you support your loved one?   or How does your loved one support you?

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