Can Endometriosis cause weight gain?Can Endometriosis cause weight gain?

While weight gain is not a symptom of endometriosis, it can definitely be linked to a diagnosis.    As an Endometriosis Nutrition Coach, I often have people ask me can endometriosis cause weight gain? Weight gain may happen from certain medications or treatments you are receiving.  It can also be linked to the emotional effects of endometriosis.

I know for myself, endometriosis has affected me emotionally.  There are times when I feel sad, depressed, and angry.  These emotions affect my nutrition habits as well. We often look to food as comfort so it is not unusual that we choose it to make us feel better.  Endometriosis pain can also keep us from physical activity which can add to weight gain.

The first thing I usually do with my clients is to take a look at what they are actually eating.  Together we look at the type of foods, amounts, and also whether or not these foods are a potential trigger for inflammation.

Next, we work together to develop healthy realistic goals.  It is important to know exactly what your goals are and make sure that they are realistic to your lifestyle. I work with my clients to focus on their habits as well.  Together we take a deeper look into nutrition habits, sleeping habits as well as stress management habits.  All of these are not only important for wellness but can affect weight.

Over time while working with my clients we find the endometriosis diet that suits their needs, goals, and lifestyle. One of the greatest things I have learned is that endometriosis doesn’t have to control my goals, I just need to control how I achieve them.

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