Does Endometriosis Cause Back PainDoes Endometriosis cause back pain?

Back pain is one of the common symptoms of endometriosis. For many of us endometriosis fighters we can feel back pain during our menstrual cycle, but also during a flare-up.  I know for myself I have periods where my lower back is extremely painful.  So when answering the question does endometriosis cause back pain?  The answer should be yes for some it can. Some studies show that back pain can often be related to where the endometriosis is located.  Back pain has been one of my symptoms for several years now.  It’s usually a deep lower backache that doesn’t get better with changing positions. It often also causes pain or a burning sensation down my life leg.  Over time I have found a few things that have helped relieve the pain.

What I use to help with my back pain from endometriosis

  1. Heat – there is nothing better than my heating pad.  I usually will place it on my lower back and just take some time to rest.
  2.  Rest – if nothing is really helping I will take some time to rest.
  3. Stretching – Being an Endometriosis Fitness Coach I know that getting my movement is so important. So I will do some stretches that help loosen my muscles but also help relax my mind.
  4. Foam roller – I love my foam roller, it is amazing at helping release my trigger points.
  5.  Of course, I always have my herbal remedies on hand to help as well.  Some of the favorites that I use when my back pain is acting up are Pain PotionAnti-Inflammatory Herbal Extract, and Magic Muscle Ease.

As an Endometriosis Nutrition Coach, I love sharing the things that have helped me along my way.  The most important thing that I have learned is to always listen to your body!

Wishing you  Health & Happiness!