Exercise and EndometriosisExercise and Endometriosis.

Those are two words that often as endometriosis fighters we don’t like to combine in the same sentence.  That was me a couple of years ago, I felt that endometriosis was the reason I wouldn’t be able to get into my own exercise routine.  I learned though that Exercise and Endometriosis can go together, we just need to support our body the correct way.

Throughout my journey as an Endometriosis Fitness Coach,  I have always reminded my clients of the benefits of exercising.  Encouraging them to continue on their own journey to not only have the physical benefits, but also the mental benefits.

Mental Benefits of Exercise
1: Reduces stress.  Stress in everyday life can really wreak havoc on our mental health.  Endometriosis can definitely add to that stress.  Exercising can help you relieve the stress that is building up.  It’s a positive way to get rid of it.

2: Improve Sleep. This is important for our bodies and mental health.  We need sleep to recover and restore.

3: Improve Mood.  Exercise helps release the feel-good hormones. Helping us to feel better mentally.

4: Increase Self Confidence.  There is something about exercising that makes me feel so empowered.  It makes me feel so much better about myself. As well as helping me strive to reach my own wellness goals.

If you are ready to start exercising, but not sure how to. Here are a couple of things to remember when you are starting out.

  • Go slow.  Don’t push yourself to do 5 days a week. Start out with what you are comfortable with and then over time you can increase
  • Use this time to take a break from the screen, social media, and all the other things that take up space. Listen to some of your favorite music to get you pumped.
  • Get support.  Ask a friend or family member to work out with you. Even better get a personal trainer who can understand your goals, and where you are beginning.

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