Endometriosis and Exercise Exercise and Endometriosis.

Exercise and Endometriosis can sometimes be two words that don’t often go together in the Endo World. Some of us can keep an exercise routine going, while for others it just seems impossible. For me, I used to be one of the women who thought exercise was impossible.  I allowed my endometriosis to control me and think that I wasn’t able to, until recently.  I am not sure what changed or how my mindset became different, but I decided enough was enough.  Endometriosis symptoms have such a negative impact on our lives, that we are often in a cycle of high-stress perception, inflammation, and the disease continuing to progress.   That cycle is exactly how I was feeling, and I needed to change something.  I needed to have some control of my body and how this disease is affecting me.

As an Endo Fitness Coach, I know that exercise has so many benefits.  Not only helping with weight loss or muscle gains.  It can help with depression and anxiety, improves our mood by releasing endorphins, helps us sleep better.  Exercise also helps with bone, muscle, and joint health.  If it could make me feel better, then I needed to do it.

My mind and body needed to learn how to work out together.  I needed to take the time to listen to my body, if something wasn’t working I needed to avoid it for the day.  Over a course of time, I noticed some small changes.  I was feeling more energized throughout the day, sleeping better at night and my anxiety was much better.

Did you know that Endorphins can help with pain??

I continue to learn what my body is able to do and adjust due to a flare-up or my period.  I have found that on some days  I need a low-impact workout like yoga, stretching, or simply just walking. On days that I am feeling good, I am able to push myself more and recover better.  I focus on breathing correctly to lessen injury or strain on my pelvic floor.  I work with my body to achieve my goals. Not only do I focus on the time I spend exercising, but what I am eating before and after.  I make sure to have balanced meals that help with recovery and building muscle.

I am not saying that exercising has “cured” endometriosis or pain, we know that’s just not possible for this disease. However, I have seen positive changes in my body as well as my mental health.  As time goes on I will continue to listen to my body, make the adjustments that I need.

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Endometriosis is resilient and it continues to grow. But the women with endometriosis are also resilient and we continue to fight.

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