Helpful tips for Emotional Eating with Endometriosis Helpful tips for emotional eating with Endometriosis.

We all know that endometriosis is not only affects us physically but can lead to emotional strain as well.  The ups and downs of the pain, the endo belly flares, the anxiety about the future, and so much more can cause us to feel anxiety, stress, depression, anger and so much more.  Emotional eating can sometimes be a comfort for us during these times, but it can also have its downfall.  Here are some helpful tips for emotional eating with Endometriosis.

Let’s talk about Emotional Eating first…

I can understand firsthand how sometimes food can be a comfort during stressful times. My own personal journey with Endometriosis has led me to my passion as an Endometriosis Coach. I am only human, so there have been times where food became the comfort I needed when I was feeling depressed or having an endometriosis flare-up. Even feeling lonely can lead to emotional eating.  The unfortunate part of emotional eating is that we often reach for unhealthy options, which then can cause our body to not feel so well after.

Want to learn if you are an emotional eater, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you find yourself eating more when you’re feeling stressed?
  • Do you eat even when you are not hungry?
  • Do you eat to make yourself feel better when you are anxious, depressed, angry, bored?
  • Do you regularly find yourself overeating?
  • Do you feel like food makes you feel safe?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you are out of control with food?

Emotional Eating Cycle

Tips for helping with Emotional Eating with Endometriosis

Let’s talk about some ways that you can help with emotional eating.  The first step is to identify whether you are having emotional hunger or physical hunger.  Then to have some alternatives to emotional eating.  Here are some examples of alternatives:

  • If you are feeling depressed, reach out to your support system. Spend time with people who make you feel better, spend time playing with your pet.
  • If you are feeling anxious, do something physical to expel the nervous energy. Go for a walk outside in the sunshine, dance to your favorite song, squeeze a stress ball.
  • If you are feeling tired, make a cup of your favorite tea, light some of your favorite candles, wrap yourself in a comfy blanket, take a hot bath with some of your favorite essential oils.
  • If you are feeling bored, grab a book, watch your favorite movie or show, take up a hobby.

Support yourself both physically and emotionally with healthy lifestyle choices.  Ready to tackle emotional eating and get on a healthier journey.  Let’s chat, send me a message so we can work together to get you on track.

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