Ladies – we hear the words but do we really understand how important they are to Women’s Health. Check out our latest Holistic Tips for Hormone Imbalance.

Our bodies use hormones like estrogen and progesterone for reproductive health, but there are also hormones that work on our levels of energy, weight and mood. Women experience fluctuations in hormones dramatically during times of puberty, pregnancy and peri-menopause.  Having a healthy lifestyle helps keep with hormones in balance. However, many women are affected by hormonal imbalances and often overlook symptoms such as; irregular or absent periods, weight gain, moodiness, skin/hair issues, infertility and fatigue. When we become overwhelmed with stress or unhealthy habits our bodies can not stay in balance. It is important that we learn to listen to what our bodies are telling us through the symptoms we may be experiencing, so we can target the support that is needed.

Our bodies have an amazing way of treating us good, when we are good it. Having a healthy lifestyle helps our hormones and promotes total body wellness.

Lets get down to how can we help balance our hormones. Here are some Holistic Tips for Hormone Imbalance

The number 1 thing is Good Nutritional choices.  Your nutritional habits should consist of fresh fruits and vegetables, high-quality organic protein and healthy fats.  Avoid consuming excessive sugar and refined grains. Always remember to check with your medical professional to ensure that your vitamin and mineral levels are within normal range or what supplements they recommend.

STRESS, stress and more stress… we hear it all the time. As women we often tend to take care of others before ourselves, whether it’s our families, work responsibilities or personal responsibilities they seem to always come before us.  Stress can have a negative effect on hormones, so finding a way to reduce stress is important.
Environmental toxins can have an effect on our hormones. Such as chemicals that are often found in plastic, pesticides used in non-organic food, bleached papers, non-organic sanitary napkins or tampons, and more should be avoided or limited.
Exercise- it is important that we keep our bodies moving in a healthy way. Exercise is a great release for stress and helps regulate insulin and cortisol.
Sleep – at the end of your healthy day you need sleep.  Sleep allows our body a chance to rest and reset itself.  It is recommended that we should be getting an average of 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night.

Ladies,  it is time for us to start taking care of ourselves, together we can do this.

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