Do you know that 85% of women have at least one symptom of PMS every month?

What is PMS?
PMS stands for Premenstrual Syndrome, which is defined as a group of symptoms linked to a woman’s menstrual cycle.   Every woman is different in what they experience, however symptoms usually occur 1 to 2 weeks before your cycle starts.  For some women, PMS symptoms can be so severe that it effects their daily activities during this time.

The cause of PMS is not clear,  some factors include change in hormone levels, chemical changes in the brain, low levels of vitamins, consuming foods high it sodium, caffeine or alcohol.
Symptoms vary from woman to woman.  Symptoms may include but are not limited to:
– Acne
– Swollen or tender breast
– Feeling tired
– Trouble Sleeping
– Digestive issues (such as bloating, constipation,  upset stomach, diarrhea)
– Headache or backache
– Appetite changes or food cravings
– Feelings of tension, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, etc

PMS is usually diagnosed by your physician based on the symptoms that you have.  Be sure to record your symptoms for a couple of months and include where in your cycle they are occurring and how they effect your daily life.

PMS is something that can be treated.  Some holistic remedies for PMS includes  lifestyle changes such a nutrition changes, physical activity and relaxation/stress management.  Research has shown that some supplements such as Chasteberry or Evening Primrose Oil can help with symptoms of PMS as well.

As a Long Island Holistic Health Coach, I work with women who suffer from PMS.  We will work together to create a plan that will help with symptoms and is realistic for YOUR lifestyle.   If you are suffering from PMS please contact me to discuss what plans are available for you.