First, let’s just brush up on what PMS is exactly.

What is PMS?
PMS stands for Premenstrual Syndrome. This is defined as a group of symptoms linked to a woman’s menstrual cycle.  Women can have different symptoms.

The cause of PMS is not clear.
– Change in hormone levels, chemical changes in the brain.
– Low levels of vitamins
– Consuming foods high in sodium
– Caffeine or alcohol

Symptoms can vary from woman to woman. That may include:
– Acne
– Swollen or tender breast
– Feeling tired
– Trouble Sleeping
– Digestive issues like bloating, constipation,  upset stomach, and diarrhea.
– Headache or backache
– Appetite changes or food cravings
– Feelings of tension, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, etc

PMS is usually diagnosed by your physician based on the symptoms that you have.  Be sure to record your symptoms for a couple of months. Include where in your cycle they are occurring and how they affect your daily life.

Did you know that 85% of women have one PMS symptom?

Here are some Top Tips to help with PMS:

  • Nutrition: Eat whole foods, limiting salt intake, avoid excessive amounts of caffeine/alcohol, limit sugary foods.
  • Physical Activity:  Workouts like aerobic exercises and yoga may be helpful with symptoms.
  • Stress Management:   Try journal writing, mediation, Epsom salt baths, essential oils, etc.
  • Supplements: Some recommend supplements like Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin E, or Vitamin B. Research has shown that supplements like, Chasteberry or Evening Primrose Oil can help as well.
  • Environmental: Make sure you are choosing not toxic products.  Endocrine disruptors can cause havoc on our hormones.

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As a Long Island Endometriosis Health Coach, I also work with women who suffer from PMS. Together we will create a plan where you will learn how to listen to your body. I will help you choose foods that help your body, and work on realistic lifestyle changes.

If you have a favorite product or remedy you use for PMS, we would love for you to share.

Wishing you Health & Happiness!

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