Do you know the difference between Mindless Eating & Mindful Eating?
Mindless Eating is when you are distracted, maybe watching TV while eating dinner or working at your desk while taking your lunch box.  You may not even remember eating or remember what the food taste like.

Mindful Eating is allowing yourself to be aware of the nutritional benefits of the foods you are eating, using your senses to make choices and learning to be aware of your hunger cues and when you are satisfied.
Below are some ways that you may be Mindless Eating:

  • Eating past full & ignoring your body signals (eating too fast). It takes approx. 20 minutes for our brain to signal when we are satisfied/full.
  • Eating when emotions tell us to eat (when we are sad, bored or lonely)  Ask yourself “Am I really Hungry?
  • Eating alone, at random times and places
  • Eating foods that are emotionally comforting
  • Eating and multitasking
    – avoid multitasking, when we are distracted it is harder to listen to our body’s signals
  • Considering a meal an end product

Below are helpful ways you can incorporate Mindful Eating into your life:

  • Listening to your body & stopping when you are full (slow down)
    – Sit down while eating
    – Chew your food (at least 25 bites)
    – Set your fork down between bites
  • Eating when out bodies tell us to eat (i.e. stomach growling, low energy, etc.)
    – Be able to tell the difference between your body’s hunger signal or emotional triggers
  • Eating with others, at set times and places.
    – Sit at a table
    – Put food on plate/bowl, don’t eat out of containers or with your hands
    – Avoiding eating in car
    – Stick to a schedule to avoid eating at random times
  • Eating foods that are nutritionally healthy
    – Avoid having “comfort” foods, sugars, etc. in the house
    – Choose health options that have nutritional values
  • When eating… JUST EAT
    – Listen to your body’s signals
    – Focus on just eating
  • Considering where the food comes from
    – where the food came from, who made it and try connecting with the food

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