Ever wonder what the big deal is with Organic foods?
Some people hear the word organic and think expensive, but making healthy choices doesn’t need to break the bank.  We all know that in order to eat a healthy nutritional diet we need to consume more fruits and vegetable, but some of these foods may be causing more harm then good. Imagine trying to eat healthy and learning that some of the fruits and vegetables that you are consuming are UNHEALTHY!  

 Many of our fruits and vegetables have pesticides applied that are toxic, these pesticides are designed to kill insects, plants and fungi. According to the National Academy of Sciences “90% of the chemicals applied to foods have not been tested for long term health effects”   So why are they on our foods?  

Pesticides are used on farms to control and kill mosquitos, ticks, rats, mice, weeds, insect infestation and diseases. These chemicals sprayed on our fruits and vegetable, which can cause health problems such as hormonal disruption, skin irritation, eye irritation, reproduction effects, cancer, nervous disorders, blood disorders and more.  Since these pesticides are sprayed directly on the produce as well as the root,  traditional washing won’t remove the chemicals.

Every year the EGW (Environmental Working Group) puts out a new Shoppers Guide, which list fruits and vegetables that contain the most amount of chemicals as well the ones that contain the least amount. 

When shopping for organic products make sure the label contains “USDA Organic.”  This means there was no antibiotics, growth hormones, conventional pesticides or fertilizers used.

EGW 2018 Shoppers Guide
Dirty Dozen – these are most likely to be contaminated by pesticides. Purchase organic.
Strawberries    Spinach    Nectarines    Apples    Peaches  – Pears  –Cherries    Grapes    Celery    Tomatoes    Sweet Bell Peppers    Potatoes

EGW’s Clean 15 – these are least likely to be contaminated by pesticides
Sweet Corn –  Avocados    Pineapples    Cabbage    Onions  –  Frozen Sweet Peas    Papayas    Asparagus    Mangos  Eggplant    Honeydew    Kiwi    Cantaloupe    Cauliflower – Grapefruit


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