Top 6 things to help with an endometriosis flare-up.

After years of suffering from endometriosis flare-ups, trying different things.  I have found the top 6 things to help with an endometriosis flare-up, which are my favorite!  One of the things I have learned during my journey as an Endometriosis Coach is that I need to find ways to relax during a flare-up.  Relaxing during an endo flareup is definitely a challenge.

Below are a couple of the things I use to help relax during an Endometriosis Flare-up.

  1. Heating Pad.   This is top of the must-haves for me.  I am that woman who has the heated seats on in her truck 365 days a year.  For me, a heating pad is like a hug.  I always make sure to have a large one to wrap around my lower back.  During a flare-up, you can find me relaxing with a heating pad and my favorite blanket.
  2.  Warm Bath.  I usually will switch between using Epsom salt and Earthley Detox Bath.
  3. TENS Machine.   My Livia TENS unit is portable so it’s great for using if I need to go out.
  4. Herbal Remedies.  I love my herbal tincture.  I have ones that are used daily and others when needed.  Two of my favorites during a flare-up are Pain Potion and Ease the Ache.
  5. Rest.  I know this one seems easy. However, for most of us, life gets in the way.  We have responsibilities like careers, families, relationships, school, etc… Resting at times can seem like a chore in itself.  I remind myself that it is ok to have a rest day, it is ok to allow myself the time to rest & heal.  Most people struggle with the “doing nothing” or “lazy” feeling of a rest day.  Remember you are doing something very important…. listening to your body.

What are some things you do during a endometriosis flare-up that help?

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