Top Reasons to exercise.

I understand firsthand how difficult it can be to get started with exercising.  Back then, I spent a lot of time thinking that endometriosis would keep me from exercising. I had the desire to work out, but the motivation was lacking. I couldn’t figure out how to get myself started.  However, I decided to start by looking at the top reasons to exercise.

According to recent studies, more than 60% of women in the US do not engage in physical activity. This percentage really stunned me, I thought it was much lower.  It made me realize maybe there were a lot of people out there like me who just couldn’t get motivated. This is the reason I became a Holistic Health & Fitness Coach, to be able to help women who feel the same way I used to.

So what are some of the top reasons to exercise, lets get started?

1: Weight – I am sure you already know this one, weight loss or maintenance.  If you are struggling with added weight from endometriosis, hormonal issues, or just not having healthy habits exercise is a great way to start taking it off.  Exercise will help you burn calories, the more intense the workout the more calories burned.

2: Health Conditions or Risk –  Exercise can help with certain health risks such as heart disease, elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety, depression, and more.  Remember to check with your healthcare provider before you start any new exercise routine.

3: Happy Dance-   Yup, that right exercise improves your mood.  Honestly, exercise has helped me so much when it comes to boosting my mood. It helps by releasing endorphins, which help you feel happy and less stressed.

4: Energy –  Even on the days when you feel you don’t have the energy to get your workout in, it will help boost your energy levels. Exercising delivers oxygen and nutrients through your body which helps give you that energy boost.

5:  Sleep – Exercising will help you get better fall asleep faster and get a deeper sleep.  Just be sure not to exercise too close to your bedtime.

Exercise should be something that supports your body.  You should be incorporating movement that feels good for you.

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