Top Reasons why stress management is essential for Women's HealthTop Reasons why stress management is essential for Women’s Health.

Ever wonder why you might not be achieving your wellness goals?  Well, stress may be the reason.  As someone who suffers from their own endometriosis journal, it seems like stress comes along with it.  Stress has often been the reason why my wellness goals were stalled.  As an Endometriosis Coach, one of my key focus with clients is helping them learn to deal with stress in a healthy way.  So, let’s check out the Top Reasons why stress management is essential for Women’s Health.

First, let us look at the different types of stress there is Acute Stress and Chronic Stress.

Acute Stress is specific demands or pressures of the past or near future.  Things like an upcoming job interview, a work deadline, or unexpected health issues.

Chronic Stress is constant over an extended period of time.  These are things like relationship problems, taking care of a sick family member, or being overworked at your job.

Now, how does stress affect us?  Well, stress may cause a decrease in energy and focus, hormonal imbalances, lack of motivation with healthy routines like exercise and nutrition. It can also lead to increased anxiety, sleep issues, high blood pressure, weakened immune system as well as digestive issues.

As a Women’s Health and Fitness Coach, it is important for my clients to have healthy ways to deal with stress, otherwise, it can impact their ability to achieve their goals. This is especially important for my clients that suffer from endometriosis since stress can impact hormonal imbalances even further.

I work with my clients to help them take a look at the stressors in their lives and how they may be affecting them.  Together we come up with a plan to help manage it better, so they can achieve their goals.

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