Top things to do in 2022 for your health & wellness

Top things to do in 2022 for your health & wellness.

Welcome to 2022, is this the year you achieve your wellness goals. Sometimes we can get overwhelmed with all the different things we see out there. So here are some of the top things to do in 2022 for your health & wellness.

10 things to try for 2022

  • Cut out or limit processed foods.  Opt for high-quality protein, fresh vegetables, fruits, and healthy carbs.
  • Get that Vitamin D.  Spend 10-20 minutes outside in the sunshine.
  • Avoid or Limit toxic products such as skincare products, cleaning supplies, candles, etc…  Check out some of my favorite non-toxic products here.
  • Keep yourself grounded.  Try walking outside barefoot
  • Drink plenty of water.  Stay hydrated helps as a natural detox, balances appetites, helps with clear, glowing skin.
  • Limit or Reduce sugar, which will help reduce inflammation and keep your gut healthy.
  • Keep your gut healthy.  Choose fermented foods, prebiotics, and probiotics.
  • Get your sleep.  Establish a healthy sleep routine, recommended 6 – 8hours.
  • Try to coo
  • k as many of your meals as possible. Cooking your own meals helps you make healthier choices, limit unhealthy additives, and control what you add to your food.
  • Embrace positive thinking.  Our thoughts are just as important as our nutrition, and exercise.  Work on keeping your thoughts positive.

Every New Year its seems as though everyone rushing to jump on the next extreme “fad diet” or “cleanse.”  and every year I see them fall off shortly after.  Health & Wellness is not a quick fix, it’s not something that can be achieved in a restrictive state for a long period of time.  Changes should be made to focus on a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable.   If you are ready to make changes that will last a lifetime, reach out and let’s chat.

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