Top Tips to Prepare for Endometriosis Surgery.

Endometriosis surgery can be overwhelming and scary, no matter how many times we may go through it.  Being prepared has also helped me feel a little less anxious.  I am sharing with you all my top tips to prepare for endometriosis surgery.

Solid Support System.  Enlist the help of your family, friends, and loved ones.  People who can be there to help assist you with activities like getting to the bathroom, walking, helping you back to bed, and making meals.  Also, make sure to have people who can provide emotional support as well.

Meal Prep. This was something that was super helpful for me.  I made sure to stock up and prepare nutritious whole foods meals, that were easy for me or my loved ones to cook. Remember to make sure that your meals are balanced to help with recovery.

Write down your questions.  If you are anything like me, at your pre-surgical appointment you will probably forget all the questions you had.  Bring your written questions with you to your appointment. I always found it helpful to also write the answers, that way I would be able to review them later.  Don’t be nervous to express any concerns you may have as well.

Necessary Things.   Make sure to have any medications filled prior to your surgery, so that there is no delay in starting them.  Stock up on any books/magazines that you have been looking to read. Purchase your pads, herbal teas, herbal remedies, essential oils, medications, food, drinks, etc before.  Make a list of any movies or shows you’ll want to catch up on. Make sure you know where you would like to recover. Set that area up so that you’ll be comfortable when you come home.

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Comfy Clothes.  This was so helpful for me, however most of the time I just wore an oversize t-shirt. I did purchase those good old fashion granny panties, and even a size or two bigger.  Your stomach will be swollen so you will not want anything too tight.  I had some light lounge pants that I was able to slip on when I was out of bed.  Whatever works for you, as long as it’s comfy.

Wishing you a safe & successful surgery. 

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