What to know about menstrual cycle and cravings.What to know about menstrual cycle and cravings.

I am sure you know by now that your eating habits can change with your menstrual cycle. For many, it can be frustrating when they find themselves binge-eating chocolate one week and salty popcorn the next. So here’s what to know about menstrual cycle and cravings.

It’s easy for us to see these changes as disappointments or a lack of willpower. Instead of seeing them as part of the normal changes we experience with our menstrual cycles.  Hormones have a very big impact on how our bodies feel, the cravings we experience, and when we feel satisfied.  When estrogen levels decrease and progesterone levels increase we tend to experience more cravings and feelings of less satisfaction.

Working with my clients as an Endometriosis Health & Fitness Coach, I help them to stop focusing on their nutrition choices as “good” or “bad.”   I encourage them to see food as food, to learn what foods fuel their bodies and how to listen to what their body may be needing.

There is nothing wrong with your body experiencing different changes with cravings, eating habits or hunger signals throughout your menstrual cycle.

Here are some easy tips that can help you be prepared during certain times of your menstrual cycle.

1: Eat Slowly.  Eating slowly will help you become aware of when you are feeling full and avoid overeating.

2: Make sleep a priority.  Aim to get 7 to 9 hours of restful sleep each night, this is essential for recovery.

3: Be prepared.  Make sure to have nutritious food on hand.  Do some meal planning and prepping as well.

4: Track your morning body temperature.  An increase could be a time when you tend to eat more calories.

Most importantly don’t be too hard on yourself.  Be kind, be gentle and give your body what it needs.

Health & Happiness!

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