Why do I always feel hungry?

Why do I always feel hungry?

Ever have those days where you wonder “Why do I always feel hungry?”   Its like no matter what you eat you still feel hungry. Well there may be some reasons behind those hungry feelings.

Learn some reason why.

1: Diet – are you on a restricted calorie intake?  If you are then your body may be telling trying to give you a hint that you need more nutrients and calories.

2: High Sugar Foods – have you noticed that you are consuming more sugary junk then usually? Then you could be missing out on essential nutrients that your body needs

3: Low Protein Diet – protein takes longer for your body to digest, so it often leaves you feeling full longer.

4: Dehydration – Not staying hydrated can often lead to your body confusing thirst for hunger.

5: Low Fiber Intake – High fiber foods provide volume and take longer for your body to digest. According to Mayo Clinic the recommended daily fiber intake should be between 21 gram to 38 grams (depending on age)

6: Boredom – feeling stuck at home lately, not keeping busy.  Boredom can lead to overeating and false feelings of hunger.

Ladies the next one is for you…

7: Hormones – yup … hormones. There are two hormones that can affect our hunger…. Leptin which decreases our appetite and Ghrelin which increases our appetite.

8: Stress- feeling stress? Dealing with stressful events can leave us open to emotional eating.  We tend to over consume as a way to comfort ourselves.

9: Lack of Sleep – not sleeping the recommended 7 to 9 hours per night can cause those two hunger hormones  to become unbalanced.

10: Medical Issues – sometimes no matter what habits we change we may still continue not to feel better.  Which is why it is always important to have routine check ups with your medical professional.

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