Does endometriosis cause fatigue?

Ever head into your gynecologist’s office and tell them you are feeling so tired? That the fatigue is really getting to you, you are having a hard time getting through the days without taking a nap.  Your body feels like it’s dragging, you sleep but still wake up exhausted.  It’s almost like it’s physically impossible for you to get your body moving.  Then your doctor looks at you and orders some blood work, only to have it come back “normal.”  You are left feeling completely defeated.  You’re not alone, I have spent so many days like this.  Then I finally asked myself “does endometriosis cause fatigue?”

For many endometriosis sufferers, fatigue is a very real symptom.  Fatigue impacts many areas of our lives, such as day-to-day activities, social gatherings, physical activities, moods, emotions, relationships, school, and work.  Over the years I have found some things that help me get through the fatigue, so I thought I would share them with you.

  1. Sleep.
    This might sound a little silly, but a good healthy sleep routine is essential.  Sleep is a time when our body rest and recovers.  It helps with balancing hormones, moods, and energy.  Check out our blog, Top sleep tips for women’s wellness goals, for some great sleep tips.
  2. Exercise.  
    I am sure you are thinking “she must be crazy to mention exercise.”  I understand firsthand how difficult it can be to get movement in daily, especially when you are feeling fatigued.  However, exercise has amazing benefits like helping with stress, boosting mood, and even increasing energy levels.  If you’re not sure where to start or need some extra support, let’s chat so I can help get you started. 
  3. Nutrition. 
    Focus on making small changes to your nutrition habits, starting with getting rid of the high inflammatory foods.  Chronic inflammation drains your body and energy.  So try avoiding processed foods, sugar, caffeine, dairy, gluten, etc.  It doesn’t need to be done all at once, but start somewhere and see if you feel a difference.
  4. Meditation. 
    Meditation is a great tool for stress.  It gives us a chance to relax, and clear our minds of the daily stress.  One of my favorite apps to use for meditation is Insight Timer.

So, when I asked the question, does endometriosis cause fatigue?  For me, the answer is yes!  If you are like me and suffering from fatigue, I hope you can find some peace in knowing you aren’t alone!

Health & Happiness!  

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