Top Sleep Tips for Women's Wellness GoalsTop Sleep Tips for Women’s Wellness Goals.

Sleep, Stress Management & Self Care are just as important as nutrition and fitness! As a woman who suffers from endometriosis, I have learned that I need a healthy balance in all areas of my life.  Giving attention to all areas of your life can seem overwhelming. However, it doesn’t need to be, making small changes over the long term is the best way to create changes and achieve your wellness goals.  Sleep is one of these changes that can help you reach your goals.  Let’s check out the top sleep tips for women’s wellness goals.

Let’s start by discussing one of the essential factors to achieving your wellness goals…Sleep!

Sleep is one of the best changes you can make to help achieve your goals.  As women, we are often running around trying to balance our careers and families, plus adding a new nutrition/fitness program can be overwhelming.  We may find ourselves staying up late, missing out on sleep just to get things done. These habits can cause us to get held back from our wellness goals.

So let’s first find out why sleep is so important for us.  Sleep helps with balancing our hormones, mood, and energy levels. It’s a time when for our body to rest & reset. Lack of sleep may affect our mood, energy, body weight and even heighten our pain sensitivity.  It can also cause an increase in the risk of cardiovascular and GI diseases, and lower the immune system. I know when I have lack of sleep I find myself having increased pain and becoming more irritable.

Did you know that sleep can also affect your nutrition and fitness training?

Did you ever have a bad night’s sleep and the next day seems like you are non-stop eating, and it’s all JUNK?

Sleep can affect your drive to make healthy nutritional choices. You end up being more impulsive, instead of having the willpower to focus on healthy choices. It becomes easy to overindulge in foods or drinks that are caffeinated or high in sugar.  A poor night’s sleep can disrupt our hunger and satiety hormones, (ghrelin and leptin). These hormones tell us when we are hungry and when we have satisfied that hunger.  Poor sleep = increased feeling of hunger = feeling less satisfied.

Lack of sleep can also affect your fitness training.  You may not feel motivated or have the focus to train. You may feel weak and tired.

Now that you understand why sleep is essential to your wellness and goals, let’s drop some tips to help.

Top Sleep Tips for Women’s Wellness Goals.

  • Establish a routine.  Make sure you are going to bed around the same time each night.
  • Develop a relaxing bedtime routine like a warm bath, meditation, reading, or listening to soothing music.
  • Create a comfortable environment that is dark, quiet, and at the right temperature.
  • Limit your screen time before bed.  Start powering down at least an hour before.
  • Avoid heavy meals, and food with high sugar, or caffeine late in the day.
  • Make sure you are moving your body daily.
  • Try some herbal remedies.  Check out some of my absolute favorites below

Sleep is a time for us to recover from the stressors of day-to-day life.  Make sure you are building healthy sleep habits so you can achieve your wellness goals.

Health & Happiness!

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