Self-Care Tips for Women with Endometriosis.Self-Care Tips for Women with Endometriosis.

One thing I have learned through endometriosis is to ensure I am taking care of myself. It’s vital for me to take care of my physical and mental wellness.   As I am sure you know by now, there are many things that can cause endometriosis symptoms to get worse. Then there are plenty of times when nothing at all happens and they still rear their ugly head.   Read on to learn some of my favorite self-care tips for women with endometriosis. 

What is Self-Care?
Self-care is taking time to do things that help you live well, both physically and mentally.  Self-care is essential for having a healthy relationship with yourself.

As an Endometriosis Coach,  I guide my clients to discover what self-care actions are realistic for their lifestyles.   Together we look at ways to incorporate them and make sure that there is a healthy balance in all areas of their lives.   Below are some of my must-have self-care tips.

1. Nutritious Food.
I focus on making sure that each of my meals are balanced.  I limit the amount of processed food, gluten, dairy, and sugar I consume.  If I do have one of these, I make sure that I get right back on track after.

2. Movement.
Some days it’s harder than others for me to get a workout in.  On days like that, I just focus on moving my body the way that supports it. Whether it’s yoga, stretching, or walking slowly.  During the times that I feel good, I make sure that I am getting cardio and strength training in.

3. Tracking.
I have been tracking my period and symptoms since my mom taught me at 9 years old.   It has helped me see the pattern each month when my endometriosis symptoms may flare up.  During those times I make sure to adjust my schedule and allow myself the time I need to rest.

4. Stress Relief
This is an important one.  Experiencing chronic stress can lead to many other health issues.  I make sure that I have helpful tools that can help me deal with stress, like walking, sitting outside in nature, talking it out with a loved one, journaling, meditation, or treating myself to something new.  Speak with a professional if stress is affecting you.

5. Sleep.
I love my sleep.  Our sleep is a time for our mind and body to rest, reset, and recover.  I make sure that I get between 6-8 hours of sleep each night.  Check out one of my favorite things, Good Night Lotion.

6. Support.
I am blessed to have some amazing people in my life that support me.  Build yourself a support system, people who love you, who you feel comfortable with to help you through.  Share my blog,  5 Tips to Help Support your loved one with Endometriosis.

7. Be Gentle.
Be gentle with yourself.  It’s ok to say “no.”  It’s ok to not attend a party or cancel plans.   I have learned that I can say “no” if my body is not feeling up to it.   Take rest days when you need it, there is nothing wrong with allowing your body & mind to rest.  Be gentle, love yourself.

Health & Happiness.
“Caring for your body, mind, and spirit is your greatest and grandest responsibility. It’s about listening to the needs of your soul and then honoring them.”   — Kristi Ling

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