Tips on how to explain Endometriosis to someone Tips on how to explain Endometriosis to someone.

Endometriosis isn’t something that a lot of people are aware of, they especially don’t understand its symptoms.  I have found over the years that many people often refer to endo as “bad period cramps.” There is a lack of understanding that this disease is more than just pain during a menstrual cycle.  It’s hard to try to explain how we feel to others.  So I have put together some tips on how to explain endometriosis to someone.

Pick a time that works best for you to have this conversation. Make sure that it is somewhere that you won’t be interrupted or distracted. Be calm and open-minded.

1: Talk openly about your symptoms. Don’t just allow others to think it’s “bad period cramps.”  Explain what your individual symptoms are and how they affect your daily life.

2: Provide information from reliable sources.  Here are some of my favorite sites:  Endometriosis Foundation of America,  and Nancy’s Nook

3: Allow them time to ask questions so they can learn more.

4: If you are speaking with your partner. Be sure to explain that endometriosis may cause painful sexual intercourse.  Take time to talk about things that may be helpful with this.

5: Be honest in expressing ways that they can be supportive.  If you need your loved ones to push you a little more some days or let you take time to rest, tell them.  They can’t read our minds and they want to be there to support us.

Over the years I have found ways for my loved ones to support me through my endometriosis journey. Check out 5 Tips to help support your loved ones with endometriosis.

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